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Program Requirements

  • Trainees who have completed the Basic and Intermediate courses have been certified by the TOMER Director; The students who have completed the high score, get the TOMER diploma approved by the Rector of Halic University.
  • 7/8 attendance is required. The trainee who exceeds the absenteeism rate without valid excuse is not allowed to take the final exam and is deemed to have failed the exchange rate.  The course fee will not be refunded for days and hours in which the course is not attended.
  • The trainee who has registered for the courses at TOMER is deemed to have accepted all the above terms and conditions.
  • Freezing of registration is done in the first week of the registered exchange, if possible, with a valid excuse; subsequent applications will not be accepted and the fee will not be refunded for the non-continuing course period.
  • The result of the Placement Exam is valid for 4 months. Despite the result of the Placement Test, the course instructor may change the course's course within the first week of the course with the approval of the responsible person in case it deems necessary.