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Haliç University Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center


Program Requirements

Application and Registration Process

  1. Fill the application form, then send your passport and one photo to tomer@halic.edu.tr for completing your application.
  2. Make your payment to the bank account that we send you after your application, send your receipt to tomer@halic.edu.tr and start your registration process.
  3. The fee is paid directly to the university by bank transfer before the course starts. No installments are made in the payment.
  4. Students can get student letter for resident permit purposes if they pay four (4) level courses fees and fee will not be refunded in any case.
  5. In order to get the Student Letter (Ögrenci Belgesi) students should inform the Haliç TÖMER Office 2 days before. Without prior notice students will not be facilitated.

Matters To Be Considered

  1. Haliç TÖMER is not responsible for Resident Permit issues and student are advised to follow up whole procedure themselves.
  2. Haliç TÖMER Office is obliged to inform the necessary official institutions about the student who has registered to Haliç TÖMER and obtained a residence permit but does not attend classes..
  3. TÖMER students can not apply for a Student Letter to obtain a student card for IETT. Because they are not given a student transportation card by IETT.
  4. Students have to attend 70% of the classes. Students who do not attend 70% of the classes will be regarded as unsuccessful and they cannot take the final exam.
  5. Students have to get at least 15 marks out of 25 from each module (reading, listening, writing and speaking) in order to pass to the next level.
  6. Students who get marks under 15 from two of four modules will take a make-up exam. Otherwise, he/she will be considered fail and have to repeat that level. (This only valid for A1 and A2 level).
  7. The fee for our make-up exam is 50 USD for the students who fail because of their absence. (For B1,B2,C1 level only)
  8. After completing each level students must inform to Haliç TÖMER before they start next level and required make their registration at Office or on telephone.
  9. Haliç TÖMER may change course venue, classrooms and lecturers as needed. In this case students will follow courses as planned by Haliç TÖMER.
  10. Haliç Tömer students can obtain officially approved certificates from the University (and from E-DEVLET in case he/she have Foreigner Identity Number that starts with 99) after the last course he/she attends.
  11. Haliç Tömer Center uses the new edition of the İstanbul book, you can ask for the fee of it from the Tömer Office.

Registration Cancellation Conditions

  1. Students may submit a petition, which states their cancellation request before the course starts and if Haliç TOMER Directorate approves, they may get their course fee back.
  2. The registration of the student who has a health report from the state hospital indicating that there is a health problem that prevents his education during the course is deleted and the course fee is returned to him. (within the first week)
  3. Except these conditions, cancellation is not eligible due to any other reason, even if the student discontinues his/her course; he/she is obliged to pay the whole fee.
  4. Students have to state their excuses by a petition. They cannot claim any right because of the excuses that they have not stated formerly.